Sunday, May 26, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend Chicago Trip

Every year around Memorial Day my mom takes us on a little vacation. Last year it was Arizona, the year before that was Cleveland and this year it was Chicago. I am originally from Chicago so it's always been my favorite city to visit. many memories in Chicago. We visited my grandparents whom I haven't seen in a while and went to Wicker Park and Chinatown. Most of the time when we go to Chicago we stay downtown, but we decided to be a little more adventurous and go to the not-so well known areas. Here are some pictures from my trip. ^-^

             Car tuneage and Ocarina of Time for my 3DS. I got through the Forest Temple on our way there.

                                                                Rollin in. 

         A magnet at Rudy's Roundup. It's this kitschy store in  Wicker Park that sells fun little vintage inspired knickknacks. I don't know why I didn't buy this because Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? is one of my all time favorite movies.

A glimpse of what Rudy's Roundup has to offer. Super friggin cute in there and they're always playing 80s music. They were playing Go-Go's when we went in. ^-^
Tuna salad at Santullo's. It had mozzarella which was AMAZING on their bread. Reminded me of caprese.

A display at Super H Mart, which is the Korean equivalent of Walmart. Oh, Psy, you rascal. We wanted to stay there longer but it was flipping COLD! I also wanted to save my money before we went to Chinatown, because I always end up spending too much money there. -_-

On the way to Chinatown...I promise I was more excited than I look bahaha 

                     TOTORO BACKPACKSSSS. God I wanted one so bad but I wanted to save my money for the candy store and Judy's Cosmetics.
I am such a child. There was a little girl in the store FREAKING OUT over everything and I was like....I know that feel, little girl. 
Instacollage of candy store and Sanrio gift shop. I'm trying so hard not to go into a diabeetus rage and eat the whole bag of candy from Ichiban but I promised I would give it to Jon. Those little strawberry shortcake squares are amazing, though. And they look soooooo cute. <3

We went to dim sum at Phoenix after the candy store. If you've never been to dim sum, you are missing out. It's a super fast paced dining experience. Basically the people wheel around carts of food and you pick what you want from it and pay for it all at the end. The lady wheeled around these egg custard/donut things but my mom was telling us to slow down, lolol. I thank her for that- my eyes are bigger than my stomach.
                       After dim sum, we went to my favorite part- cosmetics! I bought the red wine My Beauty Diary sheet masks because I feel like I need to start aging prevention. It was a tough choice, between this and the Arbutin Whitening ones. My skin is so blotchy with ugly dark spots, ugh. But I talked myself into the red wine because it'll be better for my skin in the long run. ^-^

I'll end with a picture of my mom and I. She has such a wonderful sense of adventure, and I love taking time off of work to go on trips with her. ^-^

xoxo Lara

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  1. amazed, so which one is you and which one is your mom?
    Both of the girls look identically young.