Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Needing fall, Europe, & Victoria's Secret Fresh Face Brightening Cream Review

So this is going to be kind of a long, random post, as I have a hard time focusing on just one thing, not just when writing a blog post but in life in general. I think it's more fun that way though. At least for me it is. I am a heavily ADD riddled person and the blog posts I enjoy reading are always all over the place. If you want to imagine what it's like to be in my head, just think about how it feels when you have too many tabs open. All. the. time. That's me. I have taken medication for it in the past, but prescriptions like Adderall, Concerta, and Ritalin have a zombie effect on me. I'm just no fun. The only benefit of being on those medications was that they made me lose weight like CRAZY. Because I was ALWAYS doing something productive and never eating. It murders your appetite. Sigh....why don't they make something like that over the counter? XD 


Some exciting news for me: A few weeks ago I found out from my boyfriend that we are going to EUROPE next summer!!!! I have never been outside the US so you can imagine my excitement. Our friends whom Jon works with are going with us for a boat tour that goes from Europe to Scotland....from what I've heard its a type of mini-cruise, almost like a houseboat that we'll be sailing on for a week to get to Scotland. Ahhh fuck I'm going stir crazy just thinking about it. I am also nervous because I am a white knuckle flyer. I can't even handle a 3 hour flight let alone one across the freaking ocean. I'm gonna need some good meds or an abundance of alcoholic beverages to calm me down. It'll be so worth it though. ^-^


On my last trip to Victoria's Secret I picked up a hoodie (duh) and the Fresh Face Brightening Gel Cream. Mind you this was a while ago but I am just now getting around to reviewing it. It comes in a convenient tube and is about 1.1 oz. It has quite a lovely scent, almost coconut-y and beachy. It's very summery. It gives a nice little cooling effect on the skin and has tiny gold and pink glitter particles. It's wonderful for under makeup and gives a nice airbrush effect, glowy but not overly so. It's good for tired skin and fair skinned girls who look dead without makeup (like me.) Likey! 


I'm so damn done with summer. Here in Indiana not only is it hot as balls but the humidity is so thick you can cut it with a knife. I hate summer to begin with but we are in the DOG DAYS and I feel like it's been summer all year. I just want leggings, scarves, sweaters, pumpkin scented everything, pumpkin beer, bonfires, boots, Halloween, the Renaissance Faire, and cold morning runs. I need to move up north to Canada, I am built for the cold. Put me in a fucking igloo, I don't care. 


Yes I know everyone is talking about it, blah blah blah, but Orange is the New Black is one of the best shows I have seen in a looooong while and is now added to my list of favorite shows. I have a select few TV shows I watch, I won't watch just anything. The shows I do watch I have a creepy and slightly unhealthy obsesssion with. Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, Downton Abbey, and Legend of Korra are my "core" shows. Now Orange is the New Black is added to that list. It's like Girl, Interrupted in television show format. When I first started watching it I didn't think I would like it as much as I do, I can't get into shows that take place in the "real world". I'm all about dat fantasy. And if it's not fantasy it must either be British or take place in a different time period. I'm a picky little bitch. But yeah. I watched it in a week like an idiot and now I has a sad. All of my favorite shows are on hiatus. Well, Legend of Korra comes back on September 13 so that's excited, and of course the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary special. :DDD

That's about it for now....I don't feel like taking pictures of myself today because I'm sweaty. I'm sure you all are devastated. BUT. I made a vow to be better about blogging recently. I'll have a couple more reviews/ramblings soon. Byes!

xoxo Lara

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  1. Scotland is amazing! If you love to shop Edinburgh and Glasgow are the places to be! And if you're interested in history there are loads of castles and museums, its fascinating! :-)